This year while spending time with our orphans at Good Shepherd Orphanage in Santos, Haiti I took time to speak to each one of the children to ask them about their dreams, plans and hopes for their future. Guess what? Even orphans have dreams!

I think sometimes we tend to forget that even though they have different lives than many other children, live in a group home, eat their meals with lots of other children and sleep in dorm type rooms that they think about their futures. They think about what they WANT to be when they grow up. They have many hopes and aspirations in their little hearts. Will these things come true? Will good things happen to them? Will their lives be productive and fit into the world into which they are entering?

As we come into this new year of 2015 I plan to be featuring some of our sweet orphans in upcoming posts. I will include some of the things I found out about them and some of their sweet dreams and hopes. As I do that I will ask you to pray that by God’s grace and the help of our team of GSO workers we may be able to guide and provide what is necessary for them to realize these things in their lives.

Some of our children have still not been sponsored and we are hoping that we may reach the goal of each to be sponsored in this coming year. We are also planning to give a New Year’s raise to our workers as well as hire additional staff to help us since we have moved into our new home in Santos. To sponsor one of our children or to help with our general expenses please visit to read about our orphans and then and click on donate to give. May God bless you in this coming year! orphans12_13

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