Above And Beyond The Call


Adrian, German & Ron

These have been busy times but I finally was able to get caught up on some needed correspondence with our pastors. I was communicating today with our newest work that we organized last December in Costa Rica, Mexico (don’t be confused – Costa Rica is a town near the Guatemalan border and the larger city of Comalapa, Chiapas, Mexico). The pastor we are working with there is Pastor Adrian Gonzalez. He and his family are a tremendous blessing. The work is growing AND even better they are beginning another work about 20 km away in Agua Zarca. He reports they are meeting with 12 adults not counting the children. Not a bad start! Some might say that is above and beyond – but I say that is the regular function of New Testament churches. We are also very thankful for the extra effort that Pastor German Sylvestre makes for us each week as he travels across the border from Tzisbaj, Guatemala to teach discipleship and help in the ministry.  cr1

I wanted to share these blessings with you and I wanted to make known some of the needs they are praying for today. They are in need of a van or good transportation to use between these two works. Also they are looking into the purchase of land for Costa Rica. Presently they are meeting on the porch of Pastor Adrian’s house. Please keep these things in prayer.





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