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Moments In Bible Study

From my Bible study this morning: Orderliness and details matter to the Lord. Are we too haphazard, too disorganized – too set on doing everything our own way – how we like it and have not a care for what God wants. (Exodus 39:42-40:34) “THEN a cloud covered the tent … the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle.” No, we don’t live in tabernacle / temple days. But the orderliness, the pattern of things that mattered to God then give us an idea of how instructions and details STILL matter to God. Just think what might happen if we followed closely the pattern of evangelism, church planting, discipleship and all things spiritual. Today we look for kingdom advancement, revival and church growth while every man does what he deems as “right in his own eyes”. (Judges 17:6) May God help us!



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