“Signs On The Way To Christmas”

A Christmas Message (outline)
“Signs On The Way To Christmas”
Luke 2:1-8

Intro: For many Christmas doesn’t mean much. For some it is only Santa Claus. For others it is getting gifts. For the store owners and merchants it is a great time to make money. Toy makers. Auto sales. Groceries. There are lots of decorations, lights and … “its beginning to look a lot like Christmas …”

But to us who are Christians it is Christ. We are ____ days from Christmas. We are on the way to Christmas. As we think of being on the way – I want us to go WAY back. Back to the beginning and see some of the signs, the lights along the way.

Gen 3:15 – An unusual sign for Christmas. A serpent. This was a promise of coming victory. Not yet, but coming – we are on our way to Christmas. The Devil defeated and God’s covenant for grace. This help us see ahead on the way to Christmas.

Gen 9:13 – A colorful sign on the way to Christmas. A bow. This was a promise of coming peace. After judgment by flood. A promise connected to the flood that came and the rescue of Noah in the ark. No more total destruction by water. Someone was coming to rescue all mankind

Gen 22:10-18 – Another strange sign for Christmas. A knife. The promise of a son. The son to be sacrificed. But here is a sign that showed the way to Christmas. Another son was coming. Another sacrifice was imminent. Another Lamb but this one would take away the sins of the world.

Exo 12:3; 7;11 – The sign of the passover lamb. Slain. Bloody. The promise that God was making provision for sin.

Exodus 24:3; 8 – Moses had received the law, the commandments. He read them. The people promised to do them. They made a covenant in blood. The law was a sign to point us to Christmas. Rom 10:4

2 Sam 7:8; 13 The covenant / sign of an everlasting kingdom. Promise that in the midst of failing kingdoms and passing kings one was coming that would reign eternally.

Then after the long way – all the signs. We come to Christmas. One night the angels announced his coming to the shepherd. Go. See. Tell. Have you traveled to Christmas. Have you seen the Christ who came / Who is the fulfillment of all those early signs the fulfillment of all those promise. He came to defeat sin and give victory to rescue you from judgment and give you peace to be the sacrifice that was needed – God’s lamb to take away your sins – to cover your sins to pass over you / no condemnation – to guide you to holiness – new creature and to make you part of an everlasting kingdom that will know NO end. Christmas!

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