Are You Looking?

Are You Looking?

From my Bible study in 2 Peter 3:10-18 I send out these few thoughts:

Just what are you looking for? The attitudes and actions, the beliefs and practices of many would indicate that they are looking and preparing for something entirely different than the apostle Peter was writing about. Many seem to be preparing for a place that makes them comfortable, that allows looseness and sin, that elevates worldliness and sinfulness in our midst. BUT …

For those of us LOOKING for the coming day of the Lord and that new heaven and new earth need to understand and realize THIS place we are looking for is a place of RIGHTEOUSNESS not WORLDLINESS.

The apostle Peter asked this question. It is as appropriate when he wrote it as it is for us today.

What manner of persons ought ye to be? Good question! WHAT KIND OF PERSON DO I NEED TO BE? As THE END draws nearer, as all the world events, wars and disasters align with prophecy WHAT MANNER OF PERSON are you?

Peter gives us some counsel in his words while asking this question – he writes, “in all HOLY conversation and godliness.” (vs 11)

Peter continues by saying that if you are one of those looking, (vs 14) “be diligent that you may be found of Him in peace, without spot, and blameless.”


So, if you are LOOKING for JESUS, take a look in your mirror right now and ask yourself this question: What do I see? What does my life show? Do I see holiness? Do I see godliness?


Lord help me. I am looking today. Help me be diligent for You. Help me be a person of peace, clean up my life and help me have a testimony today that will help me fit in with that place you are making for me in the future.

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